The original or “Old Colfax County Courthouse” finds its beginnings in the turbulent days of the Maxwell Land Grant, when the Utes and Apaches roamed the territory, and trappers, prospectors, buffalo hunters, cattlemen, and outlaws sought their fortunes all across the land.

The Courthouse was ideally located six miles west of the Santa Fe Trail Rock Crossing of the Canadian River, midway between the Point of Rocks and Wagon Mound which are still two well known landmarks today.

It was built in 1882 in what was Maxwell at the time. That town today has since been renamed to Springer, to honor Frank Springer.

The Old Colfax County Courthouse still stands today in Springer, New Mexico. It has been beautifully restored and converted into the Santa Fe Trail Museum. The Museum commemorates the thousands of men and women who bravely pioneered across the unknown plains of the western United States.