Estevanico, aNorth Africanslave assigned to FrayMarcos de Niza’s expedition, was the first non-native to visit Hawikuh, in 1539. He may have been killed when he unwittingly alarmed Zuni tribesmen with decorations that symbolized death, but it is just speculative.Vsquez de Coronadoconquered the pueblo in 1540, hoping it was one of the legendary “Seven Cities of Gold”. He recorded its native name at the time asCevola, though others who accompanied him wrote it asCibolain their accounts. It has been conjectured that this name comes from a word meaning “buffalo”. Coronado was severely disappointed by the lack of gold, but wrote that, “As far as I can tell, these Indians worship water, because it makes the corn grow and sustains their life.” About the pueblo, he reported that,