Aug 1, 12 5 PM


We are SO excited about our new program being launched with the proceeds from this raffle!! This BEAUTIFUL handmade quilt donated by the “Quilting Bees of Deming!” Drawing will be at Grand Opening of the new Deming Silver Linings Resource Center on August 1st! (Which if your in the area PLEASE come check it out!

The new program is H.A.C.E.F. (Homeless’ Animal Companion Emergency Fund) An Emergency Veterinarian fund for the Homeless’ (including Veterans!) Animal Companions through the combined efforts of Apithan Ministries and Deming Silver Linings…The Animal Companions help in so many ways with emotional support, a reason to live, companionship, and so much more…

The drawing will be held at the Deming Silver Linings Grand Opening of their new Resource Center.. no worries, if you do not live in Deming-Apithan Ministries will be sure to enter your tickets and if you win this gorgeous quilt we will make sure it is sent to you!! That is my personal guarantee!!

6 ticket entries per $5.00 and all proceeds go to the H.A.C.E.F. to help those furry Living Beings that make life so worth living…